Is it apathy or agony in your veins?

I see black holes in your gaze

Never smiling, dying always

To paraphrase:

“I’ll be living dead ‘til the end of my days” … More Slump



George Winters finds himself crying over his ex-boyfriend: the insufferably perfect James Lance. … More XOXO


The first time that he noticed her it was… rather unimpressive, if he was honest. Life-changing first meetings of this manner are often described with heavy emotions, drawn out stares, pounding hearts and shaky legs. None of this happened to any degree, she simply stared at him from across the café. He had just taken a … More Her

Being Sick

I have fallen ill of late, since the storm Doris swept through the UK and soaked me to the bone I have been suffering with congestion, headaches, a wet cough… et cetera. I must say, being out of my usual perfect health has been a most jarring and uncomfortable experience. Worse – my school has … More Being Sick


There used to be one thing Upon which they could agree: Me, and my blasphemy, Abhorrent sin and vanity, Offending a God I cannot see, And have never believed in, Yet the circumstance given, Causing misery and division, Amongst the closest of my kin,   Who should they support? Society? Familial relations? A lifetime of … More Relations